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Indulge in the ultimate luxury and celebrate the grandeur of the King's coronation with the Oxford collar from Freddy Goes To Hollywood - a true emblem of royal elegance.


Crafted with unparalleled attention to detail, this exquisite collar is handcrafted from the finest cow leather, and handpainted in a resplendent shade of regal purple, reminiscent of the King's regal attire. 


Adorned with shimmering clear crystals and stunning iridescent crystals that glimmer in shades of purple and chartreuse, this exclusive design exudes opulence and sophistication, fit for a regal canine companion.


To add a touch of refinement and glamour, each crystal setting, D-ring, and buckle is dipped in 18k yellow gold, elevating the already luxurious piece to new heights of grandeur.


Meticulously made to order, each Freddy collar arrives in an exquisite box, making it a perfect gift for any discerning dog owner seeking to commemorate this special occasion. Embrace the majestic beauty of the Oxford collar and let your pup bask in the glory of true royal style.

Noble Oxford iridescent purple

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