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Bring style and luxury to your stylish pooch with the sophisticated Santorini dog collar. Meticulously crafted from premium cow leather, this unique piece provides exquisite fashion for those seeking an elegant accessory for their beloved pet. 


Showcasing a hand-painted majestic marshmallow white finish, the collar is adorned with vibrant fuchsia agate stones set in 18k yellow gold brass settings, creating a truly luxurious look. Both buckle and D-ring are also dipped in 18k yellow gold for added luxuriousness. 


Each Freddy collar comes in an elegant box, making it the ideal gift for those with finer taste in life. Available in a variety of leather colours to suit any style and taste. Don’t see the colour you like? Get in touch, we’ll be delighted to source your desired colour. 


Whether you're searching for an upgrade on your pooch's current wardrobe or planning a special purchase as a gift for doggo connoisseurs, our stylish dog collar is sure to make them stand out from the pack!


Santorini fuchsia agate

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