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NEW Jetsetter Collection

Our NEW Jetsetter Collection is inspired by travels to the destinations we love and new places we love discovering.

Each collar in our collection is made of high quality leather, which we hand-paint in beautiful colours with dog-friendly dye. Collars are embellished with semi-precious stones and colourful pearls, all set in dipped in 18k gold settings for a luxurious finish. Buckles and d-rings are also dipped in 18k gold to match the embellishments. Deep blue lapis-lazuli and vibrant fuchsia agate remind us of the whitewashed Santorini island, dotted with blue domes and draping bright-coloured bougainvillea.

Rich green malachite and soothing pink quartz are a dreamy combination of rare island's greenery and abundant unmatched sunsets.

Lustrous blue and cerise pearls are a nod to the charming Mykonos island.

Each piece in our collection is made to order and hand-made with great attention to detail. Every collar is designed to be elegant, stylish and comfy to wear, because that’s how you want to feel when you’re jetsetting around the world! Discover the collection now. Stones are available in limited quantities, but don't worry, we'll be adding other pieces to this collection, because we love travelling and getting inspired!


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